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Window Film seems like a simple thin layer of laminate, however the construction of a typical Window Film is actually considerably complex.

Window film is made up of a number of layers of high-quality, strong, optically clear polyester film and a layer of metalized coated film which are all bonded together by strong adhesives.

It is the complex construction of Window Film which enables it to block 99% of harmful UV rays and up to 79% of solar energy, protecting your assets from fading and you and your family from overheating, premature aging and even certain types of cancer.

Window Films work to reduce heat by increasing solar reflection and absorption of UV and infrared rays (rays which cause heat) through the glass. There are basically two types of Window Film – dyed or tinted Window Film and reflective or mirrored Window Film. The tinted (darkened colour) film works to absorb or filter some or most of the heat and UV rays as they hit the glass. The metalized films increase reflection of solar radiation thus drastically reducing heat and blocking majority of UV rays that pass through the glass. This absorption or reflection of solar radiation also reduces glare, allowing you and your family to use your appliances and enjoy your home whilst still letting the sun in.

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