Installs Anti-Graffiti

Anti-graffiti film can be used for your interior or exterior glazing and can be applied to any surface that is smooth and non-porous, not just glass. You will reap countless benefits from applying anti-graffiti film, such as damage protection against chemical etching, and protection against wear and tear. Without anti-graffiti film, you’ll just be one of many businesses that continue to lose money by buying into pricey short-term solutions to combat graffiti and vandalism. Discover why anti-graffiti film is the sustainable solution and how anti-graffiti film works.

What is anti-graffiti film?

It is a clear film that is simple to install and sustain. Anti-graffiti film is effortlessly hidden from being distinguishable from the item it has been applied to, and when applied to the appropriate surface, anti-graffiti film will minimise or eliminate any damages caused by scratches, spray paints/markers, chemical etching, and wear and tear.

Will anti-graffiti film save me money?

Whether you’re applying anti-graffiti film to a wall or a window, you will save money and energy on not having to constantly have your graffiti removed through cleaning services or needless repairs and replacements. Anti-graffiti film is most commonly used on windows, retail store fronts, mirrors, building facades, counter tops, and on advertising displays. It saves families and businesses from spending money on costly maintenances and replacements.

How does anti-graffiti film work?

The film can provide a protective layer on a surface because it is made from special polymers. These polymers enhance the protective film’s ability to be sacrificed to defend your chosen surface. Anti-graffiti film is applied in the same way that tint film is applied and this is done through attaching the film onto the desired surface via the film’s self-adhesive coating. Once the film has been applied to the relevant location, any air bubbles are pushed out to the sides; ensuring that there are no bubbles enhances the ability of the anti-graffiti film to effectively protect the area. The film is then ready to take any scratch or paint impairments. If your film becomes spoiled, and you can’t easily wipe the damage away, you can very easily remove and replace the film.

Can anti-graffiti film protect me from broken glass?

Whilst the film won’t stop glass from breaking, it will hold broken glass together. The anti-graffiti film acts as an extra physical barrier and protectant against glass breakage attempts. The film can hold the glass together, should it be struck by forces that usually shatter glass. This will lessen the chances of anyone being wounded by fragmented glass.

What happens when the film is vandalised?

If your surface has been vandalised or damaged, you are able to easily remove the affected film. When you remove the anti-graffiti film, you will find that your window has been protected and remains clean and undamaged. In some cases, it is possible to wipe away the graffiti marks, although this will depend on the strength of the paint or marker used.




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