House Window Tinting Canberra

If you are looking for house window tinting in Canberra, then you can’t go past our services at Film Masters.

Our home window tinting Canberra service brings high-quality tinting to the houses in and around the Canberra area.

Residential window tinting in Canberra

If you live on a busy residential street, then you might want to invest in tinted window film to give your home added privacy.

Our tinting film will allow you to still see out, without the neighbours being able to peer in. You can retain complete privacy in the day time, choosing from a number of different tinting ranges available, blocking out between 15-70% of the light.

Keep your home cool with home window tinting in Canberra

Our house window tinting is the perfect way to block out the sun’s strong rays, reducing the summer heat by up to 80% and allowing you to live with the curtains open in the summertime.

Our window film cuts down on the warmth by reducing the amount of radiant heat that comes through a regular glass window, allowing you to keep inside temperatures low.

And of course, one of the main benefits of this is that you can reduce your air-conditioning bills!

Block out UV rays with our house window tinting Canberra service

Make your home a safe environment for your children to play with our window film blocking out 99% of all UV rays.

Stopping the sun’s strong light getting into your home will also protect your furniture from getting damaged during the day.

Leave your curtains open and enjoy the sun on your face without having to worry about its damaging effects.

Our home tinting protects against glass damage

Keep your home safe and secure with our residential tinting products. By installing our window tinting, you will be protecting your glass from smashing.

This greatly reduces the chance of a break-in as criminals will be unable to smash the glass. You can also rest easy in stormy weather, knowing your windows will be weatherproof from the strongest winds.

Increase your property’s value

Adding our window tinting to your home will improve your home’s resale value because it gives a stunning touch to the exterior of your house.

Give your home a revamp with our spectacular window tinting range, with its modern colours and shades.

Affordable tinting

If you are looking to tint your home for an affordable price, give us a call for a free quote.

  • House Window Tinting Canberra
  • House Window Tinting Canberra