Office Windows Film

Energy Efficiency
Big glass panels are a thing of beauty, allowing the feel of nature to reflect within the four corners of your house. However, they come with a price. Through these window panels, the sun’s heat greatly affects the temperature inside your home in summer. And during winter, heat loss tends to get higher. To make up for this means an increase in usage of the HVAC system, which will definitely reflect on the electricity bill.

Tinted windows can contribute to regulating the temperature in your house. It can help reduce the sun’s heat during summer and prevent heat from escaping during winter, which means lower usage of the HVAC system. Studies also show that tinted windows help decrease electricity bills by approximately one-third.

Extra Security
The extra layer provided by the tint contributes to making the glass window stronger, decreasing the possibility of breakage. This is an extra benefit to keeping your family safe, especially during severe weather conditions where glass-related injuries are higher.

In another aspect, did you know that window film could slow down an intruder from entering your house through the window? Since the film tint has an extra hold on the glass, it doesn’t break that easily, slowing the intrusion, giving you more time to call help or escape.

Window tints can also help increase the market value of your house, making it more appealing from the eyes of onlookers.

Indeed, a house with big glass panels is really a sought-after asset in the market should you decide to sell it in the future. For now, enjoy your privacy while keeping your bills at a minimum.

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Average energy consumption to cool home without window film
Average energy consumption to cool home with window film
Average annual reduction in energy consumption
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